Meet Debbie

About Debbie Ferrari – Orange County Real Estate Broker



Debbie Ferrari is in real estate. Not only is she in real estate, she is recognized as a top real estate broker in Orange County. In 2006, she was vice president of the national Council of Exchangors. Now she is President-Elect.  She was recognized for that accomplishment by being included in Donald Trump’s book, “The Best Real Estate Advice I Ever Received.” Her pioneering 1,000-page Web site is the most-awarded Realtor site in the United States.

Born in Upland, Debbie moved to San Clemente in late ’81, but says that she didn’t want to come down here, because she considered herself more of a desert person. Today, you’ll never get her to move!

“The guy who sold my house was with Century 21 and I thought selling real estate might be fun. I called him and asked what he thought about my doing personal income tax the first of the year, then selling real estate the rest of the year. He said that would be great.

I took the classes, passed my tests and got my license. That was in ’77. A couple of years later, I learned about real estate exchanging When I got into exchanging, what I had been doing was boring, and the exchange marketing phase was real creative. In the early ’80s, when real estate wasn’t so good and interest rates were 18 to 24 percent, that marketplace was really busy. From ’81 to ’85, I went to work for an office again. I worked on my own stuff, with very few clients. I owned property in Arizona and in Colorado Springs, a 230-space park. It was a good time to be in it, and I learned a lot – but I call that ‘My Seminar of Life!’”

Debbie’s husband, Bill Koelzer is a Web, Marketing and Internet Consultant, who is her most active Cheer Leader, but also instrumental in letting everyone know the numerous things she does.

Tell me how you got into Donald Trump’s book.

” I’m on a lot of lists for ABC, NBC, CNN, the LA Times and the Register. Donald Trump’s publicist called me! They asked me a few questions and I told them I’d get something off to them. My husband, Bill wrote it up, and sent it to them last January. We were recently opening the mail and this big padded envelope arrived, with a book and letter. It said ‘Look at page 74 and 75, thanks for contributing.’ How neat is that?”

I understand you volunteered your time for the Marine Monument, how did that happen?

“When I moved here I worked in the office that is now First Team and got involved with the DBA. (Now Mayor) Wayne (Eggleston) had the Heritage next door and we got to be good friends. I’d go in and out of there and got to know more about what he was trying to do with the Marine Monument, and just got involved. One of the fundraisers we had was a cookbook, where people from all over town submitted recipes which we put together.”

Tell me about your 1,000 page Website on the virtues of San Clemente

“Right after Bill and I started seeing each other, we went to a seminar put on by Guthy-Renker, where a retired real estate broker, who does infomercials, was doing the presentation. With Bill’s background, in advertising and public relations and mine in real estate, we’re thinking ‘that’s where real estate’s and advertising are going -on the Internet! Between us, we didn’t have a lot in the early ’90′s – and the weekend seminar was $1,000. So Bill, who is a genius, went to the class, he’s the kind who can just ‘get it!’ He absorbs everything there is. There were three huge three-ring binders and during that class, they put together a web page – and Bill did the whole thing. It was my first Website and we still have it up to remind us. He spends probably three hours a day on the current 1000-page version – always changing and making sure the links are working.”

What’s your definition of success?

“It would be: live in a place like this – have good health and good relationships, and family.”

What’s the best thing about San Clemente?

“I guess the thing I appreciate most, is our location, our climate and our town. It’s seems to be everything people dream about. It’s just a really nice town.”

If you could change one thing you’ve done, what would it be?