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Located on the ocean, about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego, California, is one of the smallest and yet most powerful counties in California, or even in the whole world:  Orange County, California. If you are thinking of moving here and buying Orange County real estate, you are in for some real fun in house hunting.  It will not be grueling like your other times.  This time you will be in excellent hands, with Debbie Ferrari as your host and guide.  She will help you comfortably find exactly the right home for the best price. That is what Debbie does all the time in finding people Orange County real estate.  Her specialty is helping you find the right Orange County home here in a number of ways.  First, she saves you time in looking at homes on our local Orange County real estate MLS service.  Debbie—a licensed California real estate Broker; and not merely a Realtor®— teaches you how to do it YOURSELF, at YOUR own leisure, not at the hands of some “up desk” agent who happened to be next in line.  Debbie shows you the most effective AND efficient ways to find a home here: 1.  Search the Orange County Real Estate MLS yourself, online from this page. 2.  Search with her, in pre-selected neighborhoods, when you arrive. Debbie’s been finding the right home for newcomers for 27 years and knows all the ropes.  Most Realtors® scurry around locally focusing upon getting new listings and handing off their buyers to far less skilled agents.  Debbie, however, believes that the Orange County real estate BUYER is King (or Queen) and prefers to help buyers almost exclusively. So, after seeing many Realtor® web sites, if you are wondering which Realtor® to choose, choose Debbie. (Lots of happy homeowners around here think she’s the absolute best one that there is.)

In Orange County You’ve Got it all – From Starter Homes to Mansions!

Economically, if it were a country, Orange County’s gross product would rank ahead of South Africa, Turkey, Finland, Greece, and Thailand. Orange County has the 8th largest economy in the United States, behind Los Angeles (2nd) and Boston (4th) and ahead of the Twin Cities (12th) and Seattle (13th). There are so many business and networking organizations and association here in Orange County that it is hard to keep track of them all. Such diversity keeps Orange County vital, one of the nation’s leading counties in both culture and economic strength. To find many of the business/networking organizations in the county, go to Orange County Networking Place. With a population of nearly 3 million people and an estimated annual gross county product of $127 billion, if we were a country, we would rank No. 33. Orange County enjoys 45 continuous miles of shoreline and aggregates 798 square miles of land, 30% of which is devoted to residential housing.  Real estate here is booming with homes rising nicely in price from about 16-22% a year, depending on the city.  There are still many areas of Orange County where new homes are being built in extremely well-planned communities, such as the new Telega Homes in San Clemente. The county’s dynamic economy has been bolstered by an exploding high-technology industry.  Many major technology, computer, and Internet firms call Orange County home.  Ethnically, three in four residents here were white and non-Hispanic in 1980; today, nearly half are Latinos and Asians. The real estate industry does well here because people love the year-round warm weather.  Orange County has an almost ideal Mediterranean climate (the sun shines 80% of the time while rainfall averages only 12-14 inches a year). The terrain ranges from steep bluffs at the ocean in South Orange County to gentle flat alluvial plains sloping to the sea in Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley. Orange County Real estate in beachfront cities ranges from the quaint to the deluxe, from piers for fishing and elegant dining, cliff top mansions of famous writers, and sparkling harbors packed with watercraft from plebian rowboats to $20 million corporate yachts. Offered, too, in amongst all the Orange County real estate are remote or even wild mountain areas (most populated thinly by cougars and coyotes). There are almost too many regional parks to count, spanning 36,500 acres and 57 square miles.  Orange County’s real estate is blessed with forests, streams, lakes, and preserved and protected homes and buildings dating from its early history.  A considerable number of its cities have wisely preserved their old fashioned retail store downtowns, modernized now with quaint boutiques, and in some cases—particularly san clemente—enforced the preservation of homes dating back to the founding of san clemente. Along the ocean, thousands of homes in seaside cities offer stunning ocean front or panoramic views, further making the owning of real estate here desirable.  Orange County real estate is in high demand and because of this, homes tend to appreciate well in value.  Many people have switched from buying stocks to buying a second or retirement home here, knowing that such a move will likely produce a better real estate return than would investing in securities.  Luxury homes abound here, and Debbie Ferrari is a luxury home specialist as well as a leading area licensed broker, highly skilled in commercial property transactions, too. In short, Orange County is just what you hoped it would be.  Beautiful, exciting, safe, warm, packed with recreational choices year around, and offering such a wide choice of Orange County real estate that it boggles your mind. Now that that’s settled, please let Debbie Ferrari (that’s me, in case you hadn’t guessed) take care of your home selection needs, now, online before you arrive.  Let me save you time analyzing the MLS homes you find through my web site. Let me save you time finding the right home, and negotiating on your behalf with the seller and his agent once we narrow it down to YOUR home. We’ll make a great team, I just know it!